and do your Spiritual Evolutionary work with us!

Do your Dharma, Transcend your Karma and open up your Super Human Self. 

Progress through the Hero’s Journey with a community of likeminded souls. 

Learn how to win at the Game of Life.

The Dharma Life Academy is a powerful coaching community which shows you how to uncover your purpose, let go of limiting beliefs, Master your Mind and bust through the blocks holding you back, to create a life you love!

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“Hi, I’m Aloise!

I’m a Spiritual Evolutionary Pioneer, Master Akashic Records Clearer, AC Accredited Coach and founder of Dharma Life Academy and Host of the Dharma Life Podcast. 

I am a global speaker, and soul purpose coach. I am the Co Creator of The Network for Transformational Leaders.

Are you ready to do your Spiritual Evolutionary work with me?”

We all have a higher purpose for our lives. 

…My job is to help you break free of your Karma, old belief systems and thought patterns that are holding you back.

My passion is helping people uncover their Dharma and creating personal abundance and lives they deserve …


My specialty is helping men and women unlock their greatest potential, creating their dream life in alignment with their soul. 

Are you ready to do your Hero’s Journey? Would you like support whilst walking your Spiritual Path?

It’s time to Do Your Dharma! 

Creating a life you love in alignment with your soul’s calling is actually easier than you think. But when we are not following what we truly desire and deserve, life sure can be hard. 

The key to finding your life’s purpose and experiencing deeper fulfilment is to follow what truly excites you in life. I have the tools within the Academy to show you the road map to your success.


A monthly membership community where you get to do your spiritual evolutionary work and activate your powers; building a life in alignment with your soul. Inside is my signature programme ‘Do your Dharma’ which shows you how to understand the laws of the universe and tap into your Dharmic path.

You get access to six comprehensive programmes and a library of over 20 trainings and workshops.

Hear from Academy Members....

"Wherever you are in life’s path, if you want to create your dream life in alignment with your soul's calling then don’t hesitate. You won’t regret it and it really is life changing. My life is unrecognisable from when I started. Thank you Aloise. You are truly an amazing person and I feel blessed to have met you."
Harri Bell
Accounts Manager
"I loved this community! I would recommend it a million times over. This is a great place to start if you’ve ever had that feeling and or thought that you want to do something more, you want to feel passion and find your purpose. Before joining the academy I felt strained and stuck. I could never relax, because I knew there was something more I wanted to be and achieve. The academy gave me the tools to realise what I want, how to listen to my intuition, to note when I’m not my highest self and to practice gratitude. It also helped me take responsibility for my choices and my path, and to not attach blame and regret to my path because it’s provided me with the skills, knowledge and experience I need for my next adventure. I can now move with flow and ease in my life and I am excited about my next steps."
Emily Kate

Progress through the levels of your Hero’s journey within the Academy and Transcend your Karma. Be rewarded by completely transforming your life for the better. This self study academy walks you through the true spiritual evolutionary work and shows you how climb Jacobs Ladder. 

Start by understanding why living your purpose is the first step on the road to enlightenment. Move from your unfulfilling job to a soul led life. 

Next we tackle your food and to eat the Dharma Life way. This is a lifestyle that raises your vibration and loses the pounds with ease. 

Are you ready to walk the righteous path full of magic and synchronicity?


When you enter the Academy, you will have access to a private facebook community where I personally answer your questions, a library of 20 trainings, various community training call recordings, and 20 of my top podcasts handpicked by me. 

At Level One the programmes you will be able to complete are; Do Your Dharma, Dharma Life Kitchen, Inner Child Work, Shadow Work. Once you complete these you move onto the next level.

At Level Two the programmes are; Master Your Money Mind, Being 5D and Mini Virtues. Once you complete this you unlock the final level. 

At Level Three involves you working in your own Akashic Record and removing Karmic blocks which have plagued your for lifetimes. 

The Academy is designed to keep you moving forward, taking action and implementing what you are learning. 

All the programmes include content in both PDF and walk-through video format, with regular exercises to take action on what you’ve learned and a checklist to recap.

The community is there to support you,  along with dedicated Whatsapp/signal/telegram groups with impromptu lives and question and answer sessions from me.





You’re going to start to follow your highest excitement… and know exactly why!

Module One – Overview

Module 2 – Demystifing Dharma

Module 3 – Uncover you Souls Energy

Module 4 – Bust Through Your Blocks

Module 5 – Laws of the Universe

Module 6 – Master Your Mind Amplify your impact

Module 7 – Your Life works show up


Unlock your Abundance

Overview – Welcome Week

Module 2 – Seeing Through the Illusion

Module 3 – Removing Money Blocks

Module 4 – Abundance is your Birthright

Module 5 – Aligned Action 

Module 6 – Your Money Mirror

Module 7 – Practical Action 


Our inner child is formed between 0-7 years old. For us to be a fully embodied adult we must integrate our inner child. If you feel scared to move forward or scared of being told off, this indicates you have a wounded inner child. All humans would benefit from integrating this aspect of themselves.


Aloise will guide you through how to heal your inner child once and for all. Learn a simple breakthrough technique that enables you to pinpoint exactly how old you were when your inner child was wounded and how to heal and integrate him / her. Don’t go through life feeling scared and not good enough, decide to act and join us now. 


Our shadow consists of the unhealed aspects of our being. Usually these disowned parts of us are pushed away into our shadow and projected onto unsuspecting others. 

This creates for a misalignment in how we view the world and needs to be healed to enable our kundalini rise. 

By integrating our shadows we increase our power and frequency. 

The above work is done in pairs and this will enable you to not only get to know your community but provide support in these healing practices. On the other side of this work is you being a sovereign being.

Being 5D

Being 5D- Module 1

Mind, Body, Spirit – Module 2

The Real Work – Module 3

The Work to Do- Module 4

Mini Virtues

Step 1 –Unlocking Charity to give is really to receive

In this first Step we’re going to show you that to give is to receive. You’ll learn how helping others selflessly without expectation of reward or return creates a free flowing exchange of love between you and source..

Step 2 – Why Chastity, is the freedom connecting you to the divine essence within

Having and acting on Chastity opens the doors to progress, if our decisions agree with what we know in our hearts to be true we flow and grow. We can choose to progress or regress the choice is ours, learn how to navigate this process.

Step 3 – How Purity of Mind keeps you connected to the higher field

Now that you have a grasp on the concept of the virtues, and that life supports us when we stay true to them we will ask you to practice non thinkingness, let them – thoughts come and go, learn how nothing matters but the here and now. We show you how to perfect the art of being the watcher and see how the abundance frequency is drawn in to how you direct your love.

Step 4 – Why Diligence is the Key to Success

In step 4 we’ll talk about how acting diligently defines reciprocating energies to complete a t-ask to move you forward without friction. If we act virtuously and do what is needed we live the highest one can. We are given access to the next stage. Diligence is taking the act-ion you need to do what is needed for your highest outcome in any given situation.

Step 5 – Patience as a Life Practice

In step five we will go deep into the subject of patience and how to hone your skills. Patience is a life practice, and we’ll show you how to observe life and how the world will align for you, you will find that everything is happening for you, we just need to put our efforts to observe and correct ourself trying to remain present. Lights will turn green, traffic will slow responding to our energy flow.

Step 6 – Why Kindness is King

Where we innerstand that Kindness connects us to all hearts, it creates ripples through the Earth, everything we do creates an equal balance based on the energy, frequency and vibration that we carry and give out. So what we do say and feel/intend/project effects not only our own life but the whole UNIVERSE one big living organism.

Step 7- Why humility is our greatest teacher. 

The virtue of humility can be interpreted as the “surrender” to God.
A re-cognition of the self, that God is in you as you yourself and the surrender to the won-ness that is source. This will lead to ultimate freedom of being, with liber-at-ion from ego, it comes a from a purification process in mastering these virtues that is the most high.

Dharma Life Kitchen

Food should be fast, enjoyable and healthy.

I love beautiful things and wanted to design a way of eating that not only was simple and easy to prepare but kept me in a high vibrational state.

Wholefood is easy to digest, high energy and simple to prepare; always go for raw food where you can. Raw whole food serves you the most, it gives you the most energy. I use predominantly whole food and combine it with a hint of protein. I am not Vegan, I eat seafood and a touch of dairy.

Too much of anything is bad for you. So in the Dharma Life Kitchen I use a small amount of the less good stuff and combine it with much more of the good stuff.

Think 80% whole food and 20% protein. 

Look for interesting and different ingredients like pomegranate seeds, edible flowers. It’s the little touches that make your dish come alive and look divine.

I have a cupboard full of sesame seeds, pine nuts and my husband grows the most amazing food in our garden. Cucumbers, tomatoes, aubergines and courgettes are our staple.

I love farm shops, Waitrose, and locally bought food. We grow a lot of our food and that is my favourite way to live and eat. Walk in the garden and pick your food or herbs. I have lost weight very easily eating this way, it falls off you as you are not eating any processed food. Don’t watch the scale just focus on eating smaller more beautiful food which as it is whole satisfies you.

I still go out for dinner and eat the occasional portion I just eat the best bits of each dish and focus on not over eating.

What More Academy Members Say....

"I am just coming to the end of my Dharma Life programme with Aloise and wow how totally inspiring and non judgemental Aloise is and the programme is a testament to her. This has been life changing for me and in every aspect of my life of ..I'm not good enough, I am not worthy; the list goes on and on. I've completely done a U turn just with the help and support of Aloise....all in all this has been a heartfelt positive and awesome change in my outlook to life and given me access to tools and support from day 1 from Aloise and my fellow community to transform my beliefs and stories. I have my power and I have my new journey to transform my low expectation low self esteem to levels I did not believe possible...I recommend Aloise on so many levels ...don't let the opportunity to change your life for the better pass you by....I am honoured to be part of this wonderful life changing group and thank Aloise so much for the love and care and the gift of changing life for the better through her wonderful knowledge and experience have nothing to lose and a wonderful life to gain ❤"
Denise B
A and E Staff Nurse
"Since my spiritual awakening in 2017 I've been actively pursuing healing my trauma and limiting beliefs but could not seem to bust through to get real release or lasting change. I was lonely, I felt defeated and unsupported. That all changed the day I signed up for Dharma Life Academy. The program, community & structure that Aloise has created has offered me a level of growth and support I could only have dreamed of. I've created lasting relationships, am stretching my boundaries and finding information out about myself that I am able to put to use helping me create the life I've always wanted. I don't think I've ever felt more aligned or supported. The life of my dreams is unfolding right before my eyes & I know its got everything to do with Aloise's mentorship and The Dharma Life Academy program & community! "​
Lindsay Campo
"My membership in the Dharma Life Academy is like getting a food recipe for the most wonderful meal where the only ingredients I need are right there inside me! I have been given a structure that is easy to follow and carefully described guidance. I am so thrilled I joined, and can hardly wait to start tasting the results. I am getting so much more value than I pay, I can't recommend this academy enough!"​
Lotte D
Psychomotor Therapist


I remember this so well…. it was 12 years ago, the moment I looked at my life and it was unrecognisable from what I’d imagined my life would turn out like. I was at rock bottom; addicted to coke and depressed. I was lying hungover in my living room; I’d not even made it upstairs. I heard the words “This isn’t how it’s supposed to be. This is not what you came here for.”


Down the spiritual rabbit hole I went, studying, attending course after course and finding myself along the way.

I went on a mission to uncover my gifts and harness them to clear away all the doubt and disbelief that stood in my way. I found an amazing method… not that I knew it then. I started to listen to my soul. 

She showed me the way.



No matter who you are, or where you are in your life, Doing your Dharma will help you to find the right way forward. Although our situations may differ, and our goals might be completely dissimilar, the beauty of this work is that you are guided by your soul. 

It can apply to anyone.

Dharma Life Academy

TOTAL VALUE OVER £11,000 for £37.00 per month
£ 37 Per Month minimum 6 Months
  • Six Comprehensive Programmes (Self-Study) do your spiritual evolutionary work with us
  • Access to a vault of over 20 trainings and workshops
  • Step by Step guide, videos, tasks and workbooks within each programme
  • Access to Aloise's top 20 Podcasts
  • Access to Dharma LIfe Academy Members group training recordings
  • Intimate Support Pod via Whatsapp/Telegram with dedicated leader and other academy members
  • Access to Private Facebook Community
  • Online Portal with Forums and Programmes
  • Discounted Akashic Records Readings for Academy Members

Dharma Life Academy

TOTAL VALUE OVER £11,000 for £397
£ 397 Per Year
  • Six Comprehensive Programmes (Self-Study) do your spiritual evolutionary work with us
  • Access to a vault of over 20 trainings and workshops
  • Step by Step guide, videos, tasks and workbooks within each programme
  • Access to Aloise's top 20 Podcasts
  • Access to Dharma LIfe Academy Members group training recordings
  • Intimate Support Pod via Whatsapp/Telegram with dedicated leader and other academy members
  • Access to Private Facebook Community
  • Online Portal with with Forums and programmes
  • Discounted Akashic Records Readings for Academy Members
Save £47


The academy is open all year round.  You are paying for entry to the academy six months at a time.

We recommend you spend  around 1/2  hours a week to complete a module and task.

You will need additional time for connecting with the community.

Inside you will complete a number of programmes,  you can decide when to work on them, and just fit them in with your free time.

Within each module  you will have an exercise to do and then you share the results in the facebook group.

The Dharma Life Academy is a 6 month initial commitment. By signing up you understand that this is a 6 month commitment and therefore the  fee is non refundable  even if you decide not to participate in the programme.

We offer a 14-day money back guarantee to anyone who feels that Dharma Life Academy wasn’t a good fit for them. Contact us at for more information about this guarantee.

Dharma Life Academy will be available whilst your subscription is live.

You can work through the trainings at you own pace.

Aloise will be hosting Facebook lives, actively part of the group and sharing regular posts, insights and answering questions. 

We have a beautiful private facebook community where people share their experiences and syncronicities. It is highly recommended that you create a facebook account for the course.

We are in the process of transitioning off of Facebook, our plan is  to be self sustainable by end of 2022.

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